Clarity on Ice Water Games

I recently had a short conversation with a games journalist who thought Eidolon and Viridi were “the work of the same person.” It’s been bothering me for a couple weeks now, because it’s inaccurate, does a disservice to the people who made them, and is extremely my fault for not being more open + clear about what we are.

Hi! I’m Kevin. I run Ice Water Games, and am the only permanent fixture here right now. IWG is my games label, basically, but I don’t necessarily make the games! Well, I help on them. Some of them? All of them so far, but very probably not all of them in the future.

Eidolon was my baby, but 9 other people worked on it. Viridi was the baby of Zoe Vartanian, who had the help of 3 others in delivering it. Isa Hutchinson worked on both (and has helped run IWG business stuff in the past, too). Michael Bell has done basically all of our sound and music. Some other collaborators: Meagan Malone, Jeff Klinicke, Aron Miller, Shadie Hijazi, Adam Murgittroyd, Jacob Leach. I've added short credits snippets to the end of all of our game pages to help with clarity.

It’s hard + scary to do business in 2017. There’s a lot of legal stuff, tax stuff, and general bureaucracy to deal with. So when I’ve been associated with a game, I’ve generally volunteered to sell and promote it through IWG. I handle the legal stuff, divide the money up, and mail out royalty checks. I kind of hate bureaucracy, but it feels nice to write checks to friends, especially when they’re big :)

Ice Water Games isn’t a development house, games studio, or publisher in any traditional sense, because it hasn’t ever funded anything. IWG is just a label under which many artists of different stripes have promoted and sold their work.